Performance Measurement

Compressed air is a high-quality and expensive energy carrier. In many cases however, neither the compressed air consumption, nor the required energy for the production and processing of it is recorded. Non-optimized compressed air supply systems cause unnecessarily high energy and service costs.
Depending on the type of industry and operation 5 to 25% - an average of about 10% - of the electrical energy is used for compressed air, with a potential savings of around 30%. Big savings can be achieved in the area of the leakage repair.
The lowering of the net pressure can be achieved cost savings of more than 10%. Great attention should be paid to the distribution network. In almost all cases, by optimizing the system, a significant improvement to be achieved. The air-check documents the air requirements, load and no load times, and gives an overview of the leakage rate. The machine operation is not disturbed during the measurement.
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Compressed Air Audit